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Virtual Assistant

We provide remote, supportive, administrative services that include email management, scheduling, and so much more!

Virtual Assistant Plus

Email Management & Delegation 


Emails will be managed on a daily basis and delegated through the proper channels. Follow-Ups will be made to ensure all parties and projects stay on track and continue to have all the information needed to operate in excellence.


Calendar Management & Organization 


Software used to keep all projects organized, on track, and completed in excellence for clients is contingent upon the needs of the service. Trello, Asana, Azure, Zoho, and Slack are all optional. This service will include any backlogging (up to 1 month prior) that needs to be done on each project, as well as future tracking and organization of new projects. This service invoicing will be provided through HoneyBook.

Our Virtual Assistants:

  • Manage email inbox

  • Provide customer service

  • Research & preparation assistance

  • Data Entry

  • Schedule social media post

  • Blog post management

  • Content repurposing


This package is best for those in need of services over an extended period of time. A non-refundable deposit is required for services to begin. Services are paid on a monthly basis, in advance of services being provided. Monthly fee is negotiable, depending on the needs and demand of services. Package cost is subject to increase upon expiration or significant increase in workload/demand. Performance bonuses are negotiable.

Virtual Assistant Select

Services listed in the Basic package are available. Depending on the virtual assistant needs, amount of time required to execute service may fluctuate and be negotiated. This package is for those looking for an al a carte structure, over a short period of time. Non-refundable deposit required for services to begin. 

Consultations for virtual assistant services must be booked at least one week in advance, materials and agenda must be prepared ahead of time to ensure consultation meeting is efficient and successful for both client and contractor. Consultations are essential to ongoing projects to ensure projects run smoothly, and communication bridges remain healthy and consistent.

Let's Work Together

"The exceptional administrative professional is grace, skill, mental toughness, problem solving, positivity, endless smiles, genius, and desired outcomes in motion."

- Ty Howard

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