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Collaborative Connections:
Our Strategic Alliance

Embarking on the thrilling voyage of digital product development, startups can find their compass in the synergy of a business consultancy and software development agency. Like seasoned navigators, they chart a course through uncharted waters, guiding startups through varying phases with their expertise.

This is when Orca Strategies and Black Widow Tech join forces, igniting a tempest of ideas and innovation. We weave enchanting brainstorming sessions, breathing life into concepts and molding them into a tangible product roadmap.

With meticulous research & feasibility studies, we ensure dreams can become reality, unveiling the technical and financial feasibility of each bold idea.


Start-Up Stages & How We Help

Ideation Phase

  • Consulting and Idea building
  • Market Research & Discovery
  • UI/UX Research & Design


  • Consulting and Idea building
  • Market Research & Discovery
  • UI/UX Research & Design
  • Pitch Deck creation
  • Website & Marketing
  • Investment Consulting

Development Phase

  • UI/UX Research & Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Pre-launch Marketing activities
  • Investment Consulting


  • Market Research & Discovery
  • UI/UX Research & Design
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Investment Consulting

Services We Offer To Startups

UI/UX Research & Design
Startup Package
Investment Consulting
Digital Product Engineering

Our Allied Endeavors

Wellness Empowered

Discover a comprehensive mental health support platform that puts well-being first! It is dedicated to supporting the mental health journey, providing proactive, predictive technology that connects users with clinicians and peer support members while ensuring personalized care for each patient.


App for individuals who want to search for any business based on their recommendations in a map view with all the information related to that particular business with features like adding a business of their own, claiming a business, rating and reviewing businesses for registered users.

Ante Up

To help people quickly scan their receipts to split their bills in restaurants, cab fare, movie tickets, etc., and pay on the spot using different digital wallets. Refer and earn Anteups, Split Bills and earn Anteups to be redeemed for Gift Cards, coupons, and free meals at restaurants.

Orca Health

This app gives medical practitioners access to expert guidance on financial management, marketing, and business operations, to streamline their workflows, increase their efficiency, and concentrate on effective marketing strategies. The vision is to allow them to focus on what they do best: providing excellent patient care.

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